New functionality since MicroStream v8.0

When you have already changed your object within memory, but not yet stored through the store() method of the StorageManager, you can re-load the data from the storage using the Reloader class.

When using the "Reloader" on an instance that hasn’t yet been stored in MicroStream data storage through a call to .store(), there is no Exception thrown and instance is unaltered. So it only 'reverts' the content to the previous value if the instance was already stored.


The Reloader class makes the functionality that was already available within the PersistenceLoader class easier accessible.

After you have created an instance of a Reloader instance, you can reload an object with the reloadFlat() method, or the entire object graph of this instance with the reloadDeep().

The following snippet shows an example of reloading a List where it restores the items as it is stored in the data storage.

    final Reloader reloader = Reloader.New(persistenceManager);